Afraid of Chiropractic? Need a Chiropractor?

Put Your Body in the Hands of a Chiropractor that You Can Trust

Pretty much everyone has heard the horror stories of chiropractic adjustments gone wrong… and it can be intimidating to start chiropractic care under those circumstances.

Chiropractic care that is much more than just spinal adjustment
Heather Bailey, Chiropractor

Dr. Heather Bailey understands those fears, and that’s why she is happy to tell her new patients that the horror stories are just that… stories. When chiropractic adjustments are correctly delivered they are very safe, and Heather has the statistics to prove it.

Whether you are recovering from a motor vehicle accident, have neck and back pain that just won’t go away, or other chronic muscle and joint disorders that are making your daily life a pain, Heather will work with you to develop a safe and effective treatment plan to move you toward health.

Combining exercise and physical therapy with spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy, Heather is able to go far beyond what most people think of when they think of chiropractic care. She also crafts custom orthotics for her patients and has extensive motor vehicle accident rehab experience.

Heather has been the Chiropractor in the Professional Referrals Organization since 2013 and she has proven to be a valuable addition to our health ‘pod’.

Heather’s humour has made chiropractic accessible to the members while her expertise has opened our eyes about all the benefits that a professional Chiropractor can offer. Heather’s background in physical therapy and exercise has helped her create a practice where her clients can get great results – even if they haven’t had success with other physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

Contact Heather today to schedule your first appointment and take a step into improved health and wellness.

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