Get a Mortgage with Great Service and a Great Rate

No Mortgage Challenge is Too Great For Rob to Tackle

The biggest investment most of us will ever make is purchasing a home and there is no bigger debt that we will take on then our mortgage. And yet, most people spend more time shopping for their TV than they do shopping for their mortgage.

Get a home mortgage that saves you money with Rob Watson
Rob Watson, Mortgage Broker

Rob Watson has been providing mortgage broker services to his clients for years and he has consistently delivered outstanding service and the best deal possible to his clients. His greatest satisfaction at work comes from knowing that he has been able to get a deal done that has helped his clients to not pay more than have to.

For many people, getting a mortgage consists of going to their bank and asking. There is no shopping around at all. When people come to Rob, they can be assured that he will access dozens of potential mortgage providers to get the lowest rate and the best payment terms. Mortgages can be complicated and it’s good to have a professional on your side who can walk you through the process and the mortgage agreement.

Rob has been a member of PRO since 2011 and has become a core part of the real estate ‘pod’ in the group. Whether you need a real estate agent, insurance, or a mortgage agent, PRO has you covered.

Contact Rob and let him take the stress out of the home mortgage process – he’ll do the work of finding the best deal for you while you focus on your priorities and your busy life.

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