Do You Have the Right Insurance? Are You Sure?

Create a Customized Insurance Plan that Meets Your Needs

Insurance can be a hard pill to swallow. It’s an expense that you see going out month after month and sometimes it can be easy to wonder if it’s worth it.

Create a Customized Life Insurance Plan that Meets Your Needs
Helene Meyer, Life Insurance

Well, if you talk with Helene Meyer for a couple of minutes you’ll soon realize that your life is far too important to not protect it with a comprehensive insurance plan. She provides solutions so that her clients can avoid hardship, both while they are living, and for their families after they have passed.

Helene loves helping people feel secure that both they and their loved ones will be taken care of. Balancing needs, wants, and budget, Helene will customize an insurance plan for you, at your current stage of life, and then go through her large network of insurance providers to find you the best policies at the best prices.

Helene has been a valuable member of PRO since 2011 and has worked hard to educate all of us about the dangers of being under-insured.  She is always ready to share her wisdom and time to make our lives better.

Whether it is life insurance, critical illness or accident insurance, disability or long-term care insurance, Helene will help you navigate the often confusing waters of the insurance industry.

Contact Helene today to get a complimentary quote for your life insurance and a review of your current insurance needs and options. After more than two decades in the insurance industry, Helene has seen it all and she will take good care of you and your family now, and in the future.

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