Meeting Format

Our meetings are every Friday (except on long weekends) between 8:45AM and 10:30AM.

  • Arrive at 8:45AM – casual networking until 9:00AM
  • 9:00AM Breakfast is served, every week breakfast is slightly different, thanks to the gracious hospitality of Aw Shucks in Aurora Ontario
  • 9:10AM the Chair introduces themselves and the group executive, one member will provide a 1 minute education spot on how to be a better entrepreneur
  • 9:20AM until 9:50AM – members provide 1 minute of education about their business:
  • The member’s name
  • The name of their company
  • A tagline for their business
  • The type of business they are looking for, or optionally educational information pertaining to their industry
  • 9:50AM until 10:00AM – one member gives a ten-minute presentation about their business
  • 10:00 until end of meeting: Each member presents 1 of 5 “I haves”
  • A business referral that will generate revenue for another member
  • A testimonial about your experience with another member
  • A guest entrepreneur from a non-competing industry
  • A PRO-Meet. An appointment between two members to discuss and learn about each other’s business. The goal is to build trust, so members can more easily pass business.
  • As a last resort; a gift, if the member cannot provide one of the other 4 “I haves”
  • 10:30AM meeting adjourned. Several referrals have been made and our membership has learned a little more about how to promote each other’s businesses.

It sounds simple, but it’s very effective. Over the years that PRO has been around, we’ve passed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business to each other and helped create dozens of successful small businesses.

If you’re an entrepreneur, contact us today to see if PRO has an opening for your business.