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Gabriela Dos – Certified Professional Bookkeeper

In Canada, if 81% of the business startups survive their first year, only 51% of those make it to their fifth year! And that’s mainly because the small business owners do not consult or hire competent financial expertise.

ABM Accounting Business Management Inc. specializes in self-employed and small corporations, startups and existing businesses, in York Region. ABM offers full-cycle bookkeeping services, from data entry, payroll services, tax remittances (HST, Payroll Deductions, WSIB), financial analysis, to working papers for the tax accountant.

There are lots of bookkeepers, individuals and companies, who can set up and maintain the books of a business entity. However, not many of them are interested in or capable of transforming the bookkeeping craft into an educational tool and valuable instrument to help small business owners learn about and improve their businesses.

Weak financial literacy skills amongst small business owners may be the single biggest reason why the small businesses do not succeed. As a business owner, you need to speak the language of the financial organizations and be able to read the financial statements of your own business. The entire team at ABM is dedicated to educate and assist business owners to develop strong financial literacy skills.

Gabriela Dos is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, proud member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, with a Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages and level 4 in the CGS accounting program. Captivated by the balancing need in business numbers, she started the accounting and bookkeeping career in 2000, with a strong belief that any organization’s bookkeeping department could become an income generating instrument for the business, if it is taken beyond the compliance and directed towards a better cash flow management to lower taxes and increase profits.

As a true professional is never done, but always evolving, Gabriela, a perfectionist at core, is always thirsty for more knowledge, always in search for new ways to save ABM customers money while delivering a quality and efficient bookkeeping service.

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